I hadn't been to the track yet this season, so I went there on Thursday, which meant that I'd skip Glencoe on Saturday. Matthew had an orientation for his Facets Film Camp either Thursday night or Saturday morning. This was a bit of a protest on my part of Glencoe making the masters 45+ do the short course this year. That was a serious sign of disrespect and I was OK missing the race this year to protest that decision.

So, I headed to Harvard with Bill Barnes. Sue Wellinghoff and Ryan Fay were also there and we found a super windy but mostly fresh paved course.

I actually placed worse this week than I did in Kankakee 2 weeks ago, was 3rd today v 2nd in Kankakee. I did, however, feel much better this week than last. My butt hurt after the Harvard TT, so I knew that I had done it right. Definitely another positive step in the right direction towards Nationals.

Ryan won the P/1/2 category with the 2nd fastest time of the day. Once again, the fastest time of the day came in my 50+ category! Again, that's fine as I am happy with my effort and I felt better in the TT position. I'm on my way to a good ride at Nationals!