xXx Racing-Athletico meets once a month at Goose Island Brewing, 1800 N. Clybourn Ave. Usually this takes place at 7:00 p.m. on the first Monday of each month, but the date will occasionally change to accommodate holidays. Use our calendar to confirm the date.

Arrive early to order food and beverage in the meeting room. Goose Island is bringing in an additional server just for us! Please do not order from the main restaurant/bar. This will help our meetings start on time. We are also discouraged from bringing bikes inside.

Our management meets at the same location at 7 p.m. the Monday before each team meeting (usually the last Monday of the month). All members interested in contributing or learning more about how the team is run are welcome to attend.

NOTE on January 2020 meeting: Teammates, we will be holding our annual team elections on Monday, January 6th, so PLEASE be there. We will also have the 2020 Pactimo team kit items to try on at the meeting, including skinsuits, jerseys, bib shorts, and some outerwear items. This will be your only opportunity to try on 2020 kit items before ordering. Please arrive early to order food and beverages IN THE MEETING ROOM!

January Team Meeting Agenda:

  • 2020 Team Management Elections
  • 2020 Pactimo Fit Kit will be available to try on! (Your only chance to try on 2020 kit pieces before ordering
  • Spring Training Camp (aka SLO Camp) update
  • Elite team applications due soon!
  • Woman, Guy, and Junior of the Month
  • Annual Team Party and Awards - Friday, Jan 10th
  • 2019 Team Awards Voting
  • 2020 Team Priorities Planning Meeting - Sunday, Jan 12th
  • Coach's Corner - Dressing for Cold Weather Riding
  • VERY BRIEF program updates (Men, Women, Juniors, Elite) and race reports