With the exception of our coaches, all leaders of xXx Racing-Athletico are unpaid volunteers. Our team management group meets the Monday before each team meeting (usually the last Monday of the month, check our Google calendar). All members interested in contributing or learning more about how the team is run are welcome to attend. You can message the team's leadership group here.

Role Contact
President Kevin Klein
Vice President Alix Schillaci
Treasurer Kiki Demopoulos
Secretary Gaylord Otte
Members at Large Erik Didreksen, Patrick Lino, Anne-Marie Oswald
Coaching Randy Warren, Chris Navin
Membership coordinator Ryan Fay
Lincoln Park race director Jim Barclay & Joe Ponio
Chicago Cyclocross Cup race director Tom Stutesman
Relay Cross race director Tom Stutesman
IL Junior Track Championship race director Contact Us
Juniors Program Anita Munch, Kevin O'Neill
Women's Development Program Rebecca Pigula, Sarah London
Men's Development Program Dean Abt, Michael Kirby, Tim Pigula
Elite Program Aaron Baker
Mountain Bike Program Mark Baranowski
Cyclocross Program Jared Verbeke
Sponsorship and pro deals Contact Us!
Communications/Social Media Kevin O'Neill
Uniforms Mark Baranowski
Web Director Brian Johnson

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Updated February 2022
K. O'Neill