FixXxiE Racing Junior Track Program

  2020 Eric Sprattling 3-States Ride

Updated on October 5, 2020: The 2020 Eric Sprattling Memorial 3-States Ride will be a little different this year. In 2009, as part of our 10th Anniversary celebration, we started an annual Eric Sprattling 3-states ride. Eric was a co-founder of XXX Racing, a long-time bike messenger, and a mentor/coach to a lot of the initial team members. One of the hearts on our team jersey is dedicated to Eric; he passed away in 1999. Eric would sometimes do a 3-states ride for training, and we continue to honor his memory every year with a memorial 3-states ride. We use this ride every year as an opportunity to remember Eric and the contributions he made to XXX Racing and the Chciago cycling community.

This year we are using the Eric Sprattling 3-States Ride as our October Route of the Month and also as an opportunity to raise awareness and funding for XXX Racing's FixXxiE Racing Junior Track Program. This event is free and there are no fundraising requirements, but optionally, you can use this ride as an opportunity to raise awareness and funding for the FixXxiE Racing Program. Share your ride on social media and via email with friends and family. You can ask for donations to help raise funding for the program if you want to, but you are not required to do so. We have a simple donation page on our website. You can make a donation yourself or direct your friends and family to our donation page at All donations to this page will be directed to the FixXxiE Racing Junior Track Program, which you can read more about below.

Make a donation to the FixXxiE Racing Program here!

There are three route options this year: the full 150-mile 3 states route, a 100-mile (OK, 111 miles) route to Wisconsin and back, and a 57-mile route to Whiting, Indiana, and back.

Route options:

Our team is what it is because of a lot of hard work and dedication by a lot of people. Eric Sprattling is one of those people who dedicated himself to the team at the very beginning. Please consider honoring our history and Eric by joining us for the 3-states ride. People who do the entire ride do about 150 miles in 8 to 10 hours for the entire day. A good ride for sure.

The 150-mile 3 state route follows our regular Saturday team ride route and continues along the usual “border-run” route to Wisconsin (second state). The route then proceeds back to Chicago’s lakefront (yes, the LFT) and heads to Indiana (third state) before heading back to the City. You don’t have to do the entire epic 150-mile route to participate, but riders of varying abilities participate every year.

Make sure you are prepared to address flats and mechanicals. That said, PLEASE do NOT attempt this 150-mile ride with tires that have 149-152 miles of life left in them.

Nutrition/fluid stops can be planned as follows:

  • Mile 23: Perfect Blend coffee shop stop in Highland Park
  • (Optional) Mile 28: Northcroft Park (aka Credit Card Coke Machine Park) @ Ridge/Old Elm in Lake Forest
  • Mile 58: Russell Rd Truck Stop @ State Line
  • Mile 85: Fort Sheridan Entrance Mobil Station
  • Mile 116: Post-LFT Regroup @ Shedd Aquarium "Man with Fish" Statue
  • Mile 130: IL/IN State Line McDonalds
  • Mile 150: Your Refrigerator

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  FixXxiE Racing Program Information

Make a donation to the FixXxiE Racing Program here!

April 14, 2019 - Today we are proud to announce FixXxiE Racing, a program dedicated to bringing the benefits of velodrome racing to a diverse group of Chicago girls and boys. The FixXxiE Racing program will bring between 4 to 6 youths to race at the Thursday Night Track Racing series at the Ed Rudolph Velodrome in Northbrook from May through September. We believe that competitive cycling provides lifelong social and emotional benefits and that it encourages a healthy lifestyle. The FixXxiE Racing program is a partnership between xXx Racing-Athletico and Blackstone Bicycle Works. This program will provide resources to its junior racers so that everyone can participate regardless of financial means. XXX Racing-Athletico will provide program leadership, transportation to and from the velodrome, racer licensing, race fees, meals, mentorship, and coaching. Blackstone Bicycle Works will provide bikes, race gear, coaching, and mentoring.

Blackstone Bicycle Works: The mission of Blackstone Bicycle Works is to provide educational and vocational opportunities to youth from some of Chicago's most underserved neighborhoods.

Blackstone Bicycle Works will provide:

  • Racers: 4-6 youths are ideal for the program's pilot year. A larger group will be invited to attend the May 11th Track Clinic.
  • Bikes
  • Race gear
  • Coaching and Mentorship

xXx Racing-Athletico: xXx Racing-Athletico is incorporated as an Illinois 501(c)(3) tax-exempt entity, and we have a mission of fostering, promoting, and increasing cycling and bike racing in Chicagoland.

xXx Racing-Athletico will provide:

  • FixXxiE Racing Program Leadership
  • Transportation between Blackstone Bicycle Works and the velodrome in Northbrook
  • USA Cycling Licensing
  • Race Fees
  • Mentoring and Coaching

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Updated OCtober 4, 2020