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LaBagh Practice Crits

LaBagh Woods Practice Crits

Practice Crits Return to LaBagh Woods!

Now including a Fixed Gear race and reduced prices for juniors!

After being under construction for over a year, xXx Racing is pleased to announce the return of its LaBagh Woods practice criterium series. These races are intended to afford new and experienced racers alike an opportunity to develop or dust off pack riding/racing skills. We’re starting on April 24 and running every other Tuesday evening into June. Beginning Tuesday, May 8th, we are including a separate race for fixed gear bikes. Read on for more information on price, schedule, and equipment requirements.

Practice crits are an important tool to introducing riders to the thrill of bike racing, in a less competitive and safer environment. xXx Racing is excited to again offer an opportunity for racers to come out and practice crit racing up to as many as four times in one night!

Practice Crit Details


  • Tuesday, April 24
  • Tuesday, May 8
  • Tuesday, May 22
  • Tuesday, June 5
  • Tuesday, June 12
  • Tuesday, June 19
  • Tuesday, June 26th
  • Tuesday, July 10th
  • Tuesday, July 17th

Race Entry Fees:

  • Open/Women Adults: $15 covers all races
  • Open/Women/*Fixed Gear Juniors (racing age 18 and under): $5 covers all races
  • *Fixed Gear Adults: $5** (only covers cost to race Fixed Gear race)


  1. We are covering the $10 cost of the USA Cycling One-Day license to try to remove any additional barriers to entry for new racers. You can get this one-day racing license on-site at the LaBagh Practice Crits. You must allow extra time to fill out the license application and make payment before your race.
  2. Race entry fees are for the entire evening regardless of the number events entered, not per event. See additional note below for adults wishing to race the Fixed Gear race and also the Open and/or Women's race(s).

* You can only race the Fixed Gear race on a fixed gear bike, with no brakes. If you also want to race the Open and/or Women's race on the same bike, you must have the following (or be able to make the following modifications to your fixed gear bike):

  1. flip/flop hub that you can flip from the fixed cog to a single-speed freewheel
  2. functioning front and rear brakes
  3. drop bars (pursuit/bullhorn bars not allowed)

** If you are an adult racing the Fixed Gear race and you also want to race the Open and/or Women's race, you will need to pay an additional $10 (for a total $15 race fee for the whole night).

Nightly Schedule:

  • 6:30 Open (25min)
  • 6:55 Women (20min)
  • 7:15 Open (25 min)
  • 7:45 Fixed (15 min)

Note: We will not wait to start the Fixed Gear race for a rider to modify their bike to make it eligible for the Fixed Gear race. If you need extra time to modify your bike to make it eligible for the Fixed Gear race (for example, you need to take off the brakes and flip the rear hub from single speed freewheel to fixed gear cog), we will start the Fixed Gear race on time and then slot you into the Fixed Gear race in progress when your bike has been modified as required. Remember, these are just practice races. Helmets are required for all races.

Event Description: Criterium Training Series

Course Description: Paved loop with sweeping turns in a park setting

Start & Finish Line: LaBagh Woods Grove 2, Chicago, Illinois

Parking: Parking is available in the LaBagh Woods parking lot (immediately North of and attached to the LaBagh Woods course loop.)

Registration: On-site, event day only. Credit cards and cash accepted. No checks.

USA Cycling flyer:

Event Waiver:

Events may be cancelled when necessary (e.g. for inclement weather). Follow xXx Racing on Twitter (@xxxracing) for race schedule updates.

Held under USAC Permit # 2018-586. Must hold a valid annual or one-day license from USA Cycling.

Helmets are required for all races.

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