The Juniors Development Program enables juniors to participate in racing and training, enjoy the benefits of belonging to a team, and develop a lifelong love of cycling. The team reaches out to juniors of all backgrounds, making it the most diverse juniors cycling program in the area, and will endeavor to assist Juniors with limited financial resources as they enter the sport.

xXx Racing-Athletico introduces junior participants to all cycling disciplines, and our juniors have competed on a local, state, national and even world championship levels.

Through the program, Juniors are taught the importance of good health, teamwork, safety, setting and achieving goals, and having fun while cycling. Riders of all skill levels benefit from being on the team, and the primary goal is personal improvement and long-term enjoyment of the sport. Most importantly, juniors will also be supported by a senior team mentor who will serve as supporter and advisor. Mentors will be matched based upon the preferred discipline and goals a Junior member wishes to accomplish. What our Juniors learn through this program will last a lifetime and build long-standing relationships with a welcoming group cyclists.

Juniors are supported throughout the season clinics and one-on-one support of more experienced xXx Racing-Athletico team members who act as mentors throughout the season.

For more information on the xXx Racing-Athletico Junior Development Program or if you know of a junior athlete who would like to participate in the program, please contact