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Rick Bauer

Member Since: 2017

Location: Saint Joseph, Michigan


I'm 62 years old, and all I want to do is sprint on the velodrome.

It's been 32 years since I competed as a Track 2 and Road 3. As a terminal cancer patent (prostate, stage 4, surgery and radiation failed) I was told by my oncologist to "get stronger to last longer." I tried that, but it seemed like I was training to die, which I find morbid.  Training to go fast on a bicycle is much more fun. So here I am.

BTW, if you're interested in riding out in the country, let me know. Maybe inquire in the General section of the forum? I'm not far off I-94, Exit 27 in Michigan, on the northern edge of the Apple Cider Century. There are flats along the lakeshore, and good rolling countryside out among the orchards and vinyards.

Race Reports

None filed yet.


Road 5
Track 4
Cyclocross 5

Race Results

 Date Cat Race Result
 May 20, 2017 60+ IVBP Spring Time Trials, Flying 200M
 May 20, 2017 60+ IVBP Spring Time Trials, 500M
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