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Matt Talbert

Member Since: 2014

Location: Park Ridge, IL


Although I have been riding most of my life, most of my pre-xXx life was on a cheapo steel mountain bike, the only thing I could swing. There was something about the freedom and fresh air that couldn't be accomplished in a car. Moving to the city made me ride more, as my bike was my only non-public transit means to move around. I rode more on the LFT, and started to feel a bit faster. With a little more funds, I was able to get a decent hybrid. I rode even more, felt even faster and thought, "maybe I COULD race?" I took another plunge, got the most serviceable road bike I could purchase at the Performance Bike on Diversey and Halsted. In 2012, I officially became a roadie and never looked back. The speed kept increasing, but I had an urge for distance, despite racing always being in the back of my mind somewhere. I started training for centuries, with the North Shore Century being my big event. Then one year, I saw a group of those fast xXx guys at the tail end of the ride. Although I didn't know wheel sucking was a faux pas at the time, it was one of the most impactful wheel sucks I have ever done. Staying on those xXx wheels made me think, "hmmm, I should definitely try racing next year." I attended a few race clinics. I reached out to the team and was welcomed into a great family. I've been with this group since 2014 and can't see myself with any other team. Also, I finally got a nice and expensive carbon road bike, which helps.

Race Reports

Just go out and have fun
Prairie State Chicago Criterium: Jul 26, 2014

The Double Dash Alliance
Glencoe Grand Prix: May 31, 2015

Daenerys, Set Me Free
Skyway Classic: Apr 05, 2016


Road 4

Race Results

 Date Cat Race Result
 May 28, 2018 4 Memorial Day Masters 30+ Cat 4
 May 7, 2016 4/5 Monsters of the Midway 31-40 
 May 7, 2016 4 Monsters of the Midway 21-30 
 May 7, 2016 4 Monsters of the Midway 21-30 
 May 7, 2016 4 Monsters of the Midway 21-30 
 Apr 30, 2016 4/5 Lincoln Park Criterium 21-30 
 Apr 30, 2016 4/5 Lincoln Park Criterium 16 
 Apr 23, 2016 4/5 Whitnall Park Spring Classic 21-30 
 Apr 5, 2016 4/5 Skyway Classic 11 
 Aug 17, 2015 4/5 Gift from the Heart Grand Prix 19 
 Aug 10, 2015 4/5 Villa Park Grand Prix 21-30 
 Jul 27, 2015 4 Chicago Prairie State Criterium 50+ 
 Jul 25, 2015 4 Elmhurst Criterium 31-40 
 Jul 19, 2015 4 South Chicago Prairie State Crit 41-50 
 May 31, 2015 5 Glencoe Grand Prix 10 
 May 31, 2015 4/5 Glencoe Grand Prix 21-30 
 May 16, 2015 5 Elgin Cycling Classic 5A
 May 16, 2015 5 Elgin Cycling Classic 5B
 May 10, 2015 5 Monsters of the Midway 21-30 
 Apr 4, 2015 5 Lincoln Park Criterium 41-50 
 Aug 10, 2014 5 Villa Park Grand Prix 17 
 Jul 26, 2014 5 Prairie State Chicago Crit 31-40 
 May 31, 2014 5 Glencoe Grand Prix 41-50 
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