Another day, another Masters 4/5 30+ race. We lined up at the start with the usual cast of characters from yesterday, and a few more of our teammates, such as Jonathan Dugas. Breaks were sticking in the previous races, so I was seriously contemplating a move around lap 10 and trying to talk Newt into it. With 30 laps total, 20 or so laps might be a long time to hang out there in the wind, so I was a bit undecided.

Well, Brian and Jonathan beat us to it. Within 5 laps of starting, they were able to break off the front right after the crash before the 100 degree corner with a 2CC rider. We didn't really talk about a team tactics or who should do what before the race, it just worked out that way.

And then a beautiful thing happened. Newt and I, without talking to each other or communicating in any way, started blocking with textbook precision. Never, at any point of the race, were one us further back than 5th, but yet never pulling either. We'd sit in the front of the pack, and when it would come time for us to pull, Newt would say "Sorry, nothing personal, but I can't pull. We have guys in the break" and pull off. I wouldn't even do that, I'd just quietly tuck back from 2nd to 4th or 5th and then work my way back up to 2nd and do it all over again.

With 1/2 lap to go, Voytek and Newt were leading the charge through the last two corners, with a Verge rider and myself in tow. Voytek launched the sprint early and caught us a bit off guard. Newt took off, then the Verge rider. I was able to sprint into the draft of the Verge rider and catapult around, but Voytek held us off to place 4th, Newt 5th and me 6th.

Up ahead in the break, Dugas won with the 2CC rider riding tactically and holding off Brian for 2nd.

All in all we had a great day, with xXx taking 1st, 3rd, 5th and 6th in the race. And more importantly, we used strong team tactics to keep our guys in the break and also get our blockers a top-ten finish.

Does it get any better than that...?