Just wanted to chime in.

Kevin, Luke and myself were at the Missiniwa RR in Peru, Indiana. We registered for the 3/4 race. We had approximately 35 registered + 8 or so category 1 and 2's that were mixed in with us.

Course was actually flat. No climbing like you would if you were in the other Peru. I did not see anything resembling Inca Ruins and nobody gave me vibes that they were part of the MRTA.

Were my hopes,dreams and aspirations dashed? No way. Great event. Dan Daley always does great work.

Anyway - an almost 46 mile race for us. It was on the faster side. We worked well together at the front in the middle and at the back. I had a taste of everything: in flyers, leading, chasing, blocking, in a short lived breakaway, brought Kevin up ALMOST up front at the end. I think all of us did a little of everything. My goal was - work, work and work for the team. As Luke alluded to in a previous report, sometimes the end of the race can go askew.

In this case - everybody seemed to die in front of Kevin and Luke. Well what are you gonna do with that? Not much gotta take it as it comes. Better end results will be ahead. I enjoyed the race and was happy with my input during the race which is where my goals always are at in road races and crits.