Daley's Day in the Sun indeed....

I'll just expand a bit on what Andy has already posted, since I had an excellent view of the day's events. With a field of 86, the decision to stay on the trainer and skip the warm up lap was a good one. We got front row seats while the officials spent five minutes or so checking the numbers of the field. My start was my highlight... the two-bike lead I got off the line was my largest gap of the day!

Stone Creek was off the front early on and was responsible for driving the pace that eventually strung out the lead pack. Credit to them, as they would be in the mix all day. I had just taken a lap-long flyer when Andy came up the left side and I jumped on his wheel and went back to the front. Mr. Daley threw in a surge that was probably a 7 on the seismograph. I couldn't match, but it was for the best, as he gapped the group. I kept waiting for someone to chase him so I could grab a wheel... but then something funny happened.

The pack lost track of Andy. I could hear guys asking if that Triple-X guy was on the lead lap, and someone said "No, he's lapped". I was just guessing that it would be better if I kept my mouth shut. So Andy stayed away until the last lap. Eric Davis and I sort of stuck ourselves on the front, keeping the field from closing on Andy too early without being obvious about it. When we did track down the Darkhorse, it left me in a good spot for the final sprint... which is still decidedly not this 137-pounder's favorite scenario. I started the final stretch on the third wheel, got moved to the inside gutter, cramped up in my calf and rolled in with a 9th place.

It was disappointing not to grab a podium spot for XXX, but I think we saw some things that are going to make this an exciting season in the 4s - Andy's in mad form, and Eric Davis was all over the front, attacking and helping out despite not even having his kit yet. Kudos to all!