This was a race I would have won. Nice drag race finish just like Super Crit. Small little climb and forced acceleration prior just like Lincoln Park. Only difference between this race and others was that I didn't flat both wheels in those races.

Once again I had Jake in the race and Chris St. Peter came up to get his feet wet. The plan was for them to string it out during the final lap so that I could position myself and not get swamped by other riders. This would have worked great except my 2nd flat came at the end of lap 6 and the end of free laps. So no dice.

Tomorrow will be another day.

Some of the better things.

We started the day with a nice spin around Milwaukee to move the legs. Nice open streets with no traffic, made for a nice refreshing morning.

I've also been able to read a good amount. One book, the third of the hunger games, has bothered me with one question; where are other countries? Is the world so messed up that they are ok with a country killing off it's kids?