First off, my thanks go out to all the race organizers and volunteers. The event was well organized and run. Thanks.

The fives field was sold-out. Fifty of us lined-up at 8:00 for a thirty minute race. After the usual explanation of rules from the official and Randy Warren's warning to everyone that although the course wasn't technical at all to keep their guard up and ride defensively, we were off.

Sketchy doesn't begin to describe the field. It seemed as though a large number of riders had never ridden in a group before. One or two crashes occurred due to overlapped wheels. Another crash was barely avoided when a few riders bumped together near the start/finish. Usually no big deal, but they freaked out and started swerving. How we didn't crash, I'm still not sure. I think the race was so sketchy because of the course's lack of technically allowed the field to stay together and didn't separate the riders based on skill level. Whereas races such as the Winfield Twilight break up fields within a lap or two, this race was just one big field the entire race.

With half the field consisting of xXx riders, we controlled the race throughout. Attack after attack was made, but nothing could stick. At one point, four xXx riders got off the front, only to be reeled back in a lap latter. Attacks by non-xXx riders were always marked and quickly brought back in.

I made a few attempts at breaking away. The first time I took about four other riders with me, but was unable to organize an effective pace line. Another time two of us managed to get away for a lap, but were reeled in soon after.

As the race neared an end, I began to move up in the field and was in the top ten at the start of the last lap. In turn three Kyle (xXx) took off and managed to create a gap. Mike from Spider Monkey/UIC jumped to chase and I grabbed his wheel. Kyle's gap was large enough that no one was able to close it. Mike unintentionally gave me a perfect lead out into turn four where I jumped on the inside. The two of us went for the line bumping shoulders and giving it our all. I managed to take the sprint for 2nd. Erik nudged Mike at the line for third for a 1-2-3 by xXx.

Great race and a great showing by xXx. With 2nd place, this was my best finish yet.