My season started with two podiums on my first night of racing at Gapers and killer form from SLO. Wow, this was going to be easier than I expected. Well, I never did reach the podium again this season, but was hoping for one more chance this year at The Maple Hill RR.

The start finish was only 10 miles away from my Grandparent’s house and my whole family planned on watching the last few laps. I couldn’t disappoint. No butterflies, no nerves, fresh legs. I was there to get the job done.

The course consisted of a few moderate inclines but a 300 meter drag to the finish, totaling in 52 miles of racing. A few riders attacked and stayed off, but I knew that the race would end in a sprint. Two Michigan teams started fighting for position at the front with about 10 miles to go and reeled in all the late attacks. I found the sprinter of one of the teams, and was on his wheel with 4 to go. As I sat on the rider who would soon end up second place, another rider suddenly swung left and put the rear of his bike into my front wheel. I was hoping to contest the sprint and put on a show in front of my family. I now sat on the side of the road with a damaged bike and bloody body. I was pissed off at everyone and rode the last 4 miles contemplating my entire season and this race. I ended up finishing in front of my worried family and paranoid grandma. Things happen but this was a bummer.

I have now unofficially ended my racing season and am looking forward to team/group rides, state tt and embarrassing anybody who will be wearing a team sky kit in the next few weeks. Like myself and other cubs fans, There’s always next year.