Again a late start, so late and with few riders, the organizers decide to combine the 4/5’s with the 4’s. This worked out well because now there were 6 xXxer’s in the race. We didn’t come up with any real plan but to try and string it out in the beginning. Sean Piper, Eric Blankship, Dave, Jim and myself were ready for this, but so was everyone else. We worked hard in the beginning but to no avail. I guess everyone that came out to race on this Monday morning really came out to race. I was pretty tired after a little bit, having raced Sat and Sun. I guess I should have listen to Randy, not having raced a couple days in a row before. Half way through I started to feel better and the pace had slowed so I picked it up again and pushed the pace for a lap. Eric, Sean, Dave, and Jim had done their share already, so I took my turn. Now I was really tired and then Eric asked me to do that again for one lap. Of course that would be at the finish for a good lead out with one lap to go. So now I had an official plan. Take cover for a couple laps move up with four to go and hit it hard for a teammate and a win. After five laps and only five to go I had recovered and moved up to about tenth.

Sean Piper made a daring move and went off on a solo break. Without hesitation, Eric and I moved up from both sides of the pack and took the 2nd and 3rd wheel after turn 1. I felt so good about that move, there was no communication between the three xXx, but we just took over the race. Sean hit it hard, and Eric and I blocked, soft-pedaled and really through the rhythm of pack off. I don’t believe anyone thought Sean could stay out there that long, but when they did attack Eric or I neutralized it. I never realized how rewarding this part of racing could be. Being a servant for someone else. I had always known just to go out and win, but this year is a great team experience. With two laps to go the pace really picked up but Sean had a great lead, all I was thinking about was the lead out for Eric. I got into position and just before cross the finish with a lap to go I saw Eric move up on the inside so I timed it out to go on the outside so we could meet at the corner of turn 1 and start the leadout. I was confident we were not going to catch Sean so it was going to be an all out effort. I put the pedal down and did not look back. After turn three I looked to see how Eric was doing and he was not there and I had a good gap. I did not realize he got boxed in turn 1 and that I was off by myself. Change of plans. I need to get 2nd. So I hammer away but am starting to feel the pain. After turn four they are gaining ground. I am reaching for everything I have, but have nothing. I stand for the sprint and cannot stand for more than a couple of stroke. I am losing focus from the pain, and shift to spin out the last 100 yds. Stand again but cannot pedal. I get swarmed before the finish and loss 10 places. I have learned that I don’t have an all out effort for .7 of a mile at the end of the race.

Even with the 12th place in the race, I feel that this is one of my most rewarding races. To have worked for our team as I have watched pro teams work on TV, and actually get the win, there is no better feeling. I never understood that you could screw up the pace as much as we did. It was hard work but fun. I have found that it is easier to work for someone else, to work as a team, than to race and win by yourself. The confidence that is brought on by a selflessness team is bound to get good results. I was very surprised how good I felt after this race. And then to think about yesterday and having a part to play in the win for Dave. I am not trying to take anything away from Eric or Dave’s win, because they did put themselves out there, worked and suffered. They Deserve the Win. I am just excited to have been part of the team that helped out.