So all I could think about during the week was this race day. Going over the course in my head, the mistakes I made, how to better my results with what I learned the weekend before, and I kept reviewing some notes I took from the first crit clinic (thanks again Jonathan, Luke, Mark, and Kirby). Then after the incident of being attack on Thurdays, I figured maybe I should give it a break. But something kept telling me to go. So I rode on Saturday and I felt okay, so back to Kenosha I go. This time I am going to stay in the number six spot in the pack so as not to do much work but also make any break that started. The weather was a bit better this week and the feild was double the size. Getting nervous, but I told myself to stick with the goal. The race started and I got right into position. For the first couple of laps in wasn't that difficult to stay in 6th place, but once the pace picked up I notice the pack had a funny flow to it. It seemed as though I keep getting passed on the outside of both sides of the pack, and that 6th place keep moving to 10th, to 15th to 21st and so on. So I would get out of the pack and move to the front from the outside and back to the front, following someone's wheel. "If you are not moving forward in the pack, you are moving back". Where did I hear that before. It keep circling like that for a couple of laps. And of course when I would get to the front, I would be doing to much work. Then it happened again and while I was about 20 back there was a break. I missed it. The pack let them go and so did I. One laps later there was a chase that started, and although I was in the back again, I was not letting this one get away. I jumped and bridged the chase, and when I got there I yelled everyong take 20 sec. The week before the chase decide that everyone should take the front for one straight-away. That was too long to hold the front because of the heavy winds, you were too tired after that stretch if you got stuck with it. So I thought 20 sec was a good idea. Last year someone from xXx called it out at Shermin Pk and it helped me until everyone in the chase got a flat. Well this week it worked for a half a lap and when the wind really came no one wanted to sacrifice themselves. So the pack caught us and it was going to be a sprint to the finish. I finished towards the front of the pack in the sprint but understood more now the importance of position in the final turn and when to start the sprint. I went to early and didn't have enough. Watching others follow, save energy, and really turning it on at the end was pretty neat. This race had the 40+ and the 50+, so although I finished alittle better than half, I placed 6th in my group. I was pretty pleased with the final results, got my pack finish again with a bonus of a nice place. One other thing I did pick up on was that other teams that had multiple members in the race were working together and calling out to each other. Watching their reactions was impressive. Can't wait for the 4/5 race later.