I met Shane on the path to ride down to Hyde Park for MoM. We had a nice ride down and met my Mom, who drove, by registration with our race wheels. We pinned our numbers, and went out on the path for warm up. We hustled back popped the race wheels on and off we went. I was sitting at the back to mid pack of the pack most of the race. On that course it is not a necessity to be at the front all the time as the corners are nice and open. I looked down at my powertap to see 35 minutes of a 45 minute race, I hear the announcer call 2 laps to go..."oh no, they cut it short". Time to start setting up for the sprint as no one is off the front at this point. I move to the front of the field to find Shane all the way on the left, Vitamin water sent off a guy to make other teams chase. I hit it hard and knew that Shane understood what I was doing, time to lead it out. Over the past 2 years Shane and I have learned how each-other race, so when we see a move from one of us we know what is going on. Jeff Watt from Vitamin water hops on my wheel and Shane on his. I go flying through the last two corners at a speed I know no one will want to jump from too early. I catch Matt from Vitamin water and open up my sprint. The line comes closer and Jeff comes around on my right then Shane on my left, perfect. Shane gets second I get third...oh wait WDT just took me at the line...I get 4th. But Shane still got second and was nice to see an all out leadout finally work.

Till next time-