Glencoe Grand prix

one mile

four corners

Two of which you could peddle thru at 27 (1 and 3)and...

two over 90 degree's that were hairy technical nightmares when including

a herd of 89 angry water buffalo..(2 and 4)

The two stretches after the technical corners that fed into the high speed corners

were the only relative safe places you could make moves...if you were ballsy.

No Joke,I was terrified the first half of the race.

I tried my best to stay towards the front

but the ameba kept shifting forward ....

After almost getting taken out twice...

I got a little angry,focused and things began to slow down mentally.

Finally I got comfortable in the corners and decided to

start working my way up as I could see Jacques "The Guillotine" Cartier up front like a white bunny rabbit at a greyhound track...thanks to him and his ripping tempo it started stringing out,

with the advice of my XXX mentors ringing in my head,I started grabin good wheels and saved alot of energy...thankfully

2 laps left....time to move.....flyin single file into corner 2,

big scary crash...I dodge two dudes by inches.....

and another two unfortunates who hit them ..I have no freakin idea how I got thru that..

all I know is the lead pack took off..and I was on a wheel...

got thru 3 smoothly...high tempo..comin into 4 another crash.....right behind me

and I mean..right behind me..didn't sound good.......bell lap

hot tempo......shot corner 2 really well and jumped a bunch of spots..

settled in thru turn 3 about 9th wheel...I came thru 4 unscathed and since it was about 250 meters to the line

I jumped like my hair was on fire,smoked past two dudes,caught Jacques and mentally thanked him for working so hard

as I passed him knowing fully that I wouldn't be there without his insane effort all race and got past one more,then hit the line.....I almost puked all over myself hahaha...

Amazing.......such a range of emotions,from pure raw fear to a blissful epic endorphin rush......Can't wait for next season !!!