Stage 2 of the Gateway cup came, and after watching Mia's amazing near lapping of the women's field, we felt we had to bring it to the men's field. I went during turn 2 from back of the pack to the front, and made sure that Lap I, they were once again calling out xXx on the PA. I'd learned from yesterday's race that the sprinters in the pack were beyond my capability to beat in an out and out sprint, so I had to try to attack smartly and see what I could do. After a few laps in front, moving back and forth a bit, I figured we'd had enough of doing the work and moved back a bit. After crashes at nearly every corner (including one on lap 2?!) I was growing weary of the pack, and decided once again to move up, a mistake I'd probably make a dozen more times during the cup. 2 to go came, and I found myself on the front.. not exactly where I wanted to be when I wanted to be. Hung on and sprinted anyway, after being swarmed a bit after turn 4 into the finish, and wound up 35th. Decided that from tomorrow on, I was going to double up and see what I could get out of this body this weekend.