So not exactly a pure bike race, but has a long bike segment non the less! :) This was my first Ironman and hopefully first of many. I have done a handful of Ironman 70.3 races over the past two years but learned that a full is a whole new world. As a background as well, this is only my second year of triathlons in general and only my second year of swimming and biking. So here is a brief race report for anyone interested:


Famous IMOO mass swim start. I am a pretty decent swimmer so I lined up left of the boat ramp about 3-4 rows back... soon learned not the best decision as I got trampled when the cannon went off. Lots of contact until the first few turn buoys and then it opened up a little. Tried to keep as stead of an effort as possible. Ended up getting out of the water at 1:09 so not too bad!


Biking is still my weakness...luckily I have ridden this course before with my tri team and coach so I knew what to expect. Kept my effort right where the coach told me and ended up being a pretty uneventful ride. The crowds on the hills were awesome and the Plasma worked great on the hills and catching some decent speed on the straights. Can in off the bike around 6:20 so about where I had planned.


Nothing like saving a marathon for last after swimming 2.4 miles and biking 112 miles on a hilly course! Went out running around a 9:00 mpm pace and then walking the aid stations and observatory hill. I was around 2:11 or something for the first half so a 10:00 mpm pace with the walking so right where I wanted to be for a 4:30 marathon. Kept chugging along until mile 20 when the wheels came off. Covered in salt, dizzy, and a little stumble; I decided to walk and take in as much salt and fluid I could. Walked for four miles until I got re-hydrated enough to slowly jog in the last two miles. Ended up coming in at a 5:08... not where I wanted to be but finished! Overall I ended up at 12:51 so under my 13:00 goal for this course.

Now off to focus on bike fitness! :)