Saturday was the Menomonee Falls Criterium.

I did the M30+1/2/3 and Category 3 races.

M30+ - I did what normally happens in this race - cement myself into the pack move up and down a few people, follow fast wheels. We avged a total of 42.7 k/ph

Cat 3 had a different feel to it - more changes of speed.

W/2 laps to go, I was driven off course to avoid some complications between two riders: no problems in the end.

Jennifer Greenburg entered into men's category 3.

I think this race might be a little new on the Wisconsin calender.Here is why you don't want to miss this race next year:

1) Good course in either wet or dry conditions

-there were no curbs on the course. What happened to me at the end of the Cat. 3's would have ended differently if there were curbs.

-sweeping turns, it almost wasn't a criterium but a circuit race.

2) - If you are over 30 years old and am category 3 you could have raced 4 x's in this race.

- If are over 30 years old and category 4 you could have raced 3 x's in this race. There was plenty of events to choose from.

3) Menomonee Falls was an easy drive.

It was a great choice of venue and the race was run very well from pretty much every aspect.