I had a party to celebrate my first mountain bike race in 6 years (8 years since I was competitive in citizen class - don't laugh!)

It rained, it poured, it was cold and it was muddy. Oh the mud, we all had so much fun in the mud. Highlights- I passed a man in the first lap, that is always the true highlight of my races, how many men did I pass? I also made a racket of noise with my bike, clickity clack but no shifting, oops

Oh I almost forgot , Don Edberg got me a present, he shouldn't have.

No really, he should NOT have, but non the less I got a medal and the 5th podium spot in my age group (5/6 age group 10/21 overall)

My next party will be June 17 in Rockdale, WI. WORS#4