Turned out to be a great day after getting lost and taking a "little" shortcut through a tree farm. We had a good turnout and strong performances from everyone; Eve Pytel, Jason Mindeman, Reid Mumford, Tim Fortner, Brandon Antoniewicz, Rebecca Much and Michael Shover (forgive me if I've omitted someone).

Special note#1: Everyone had their game faces on but Tim Fortner won the "I came to play" award, nice TT bike, aero helmet + strong legs means fast time. Way to show them what's what!

It was brisk but sunny, with a serious wind coming from all directions. The official ABR report of race conditions was:

Temperature: Cold, 40 degrees

Wind: LOTS! 20mph North

Terrain: Flat

It doesn't do it justice but it was actually a nice day, we had 5 or so trainers in a line warming up sheltered by the town saloon, great conversation, I almost forgot to get nervous. The course was a Y shape with 2 turn-arounds. Everyone put in a great effort and I heard several comments about our teams presence at the events.

We stayed for the award ceremony where results for the day and the overall time trial series (3 indoor TT scores added to the outdoor TT time) were given out. Although it was longwinded (Women's 50+ Tandem Prone Recumbent, Mens under 15 650c Unicycle 5km...) it was worth the wait, or weight in ABR medals.....

Series Overall

1st place Men's 1/2 - Reid Mumford

1st place Women's Open - Rebecca Much

3rd place Women's 4 - Eve Pytel

1st place Men's 4 - George Langford

10th Place Men's 4 - Jason Mindeman

I believe Rebecca's name was also added to the plaque denoting the fastest women's time for the year.

Great work Team!

Special note #2: Jason Mindeman has been managing to trim MINUTES off his time each race. Whatever you are doing, it's working.