xXx Racing Relay Cross

Masters 35+ Relay Results

Last updated: 08/26/2018 at 10:29 AM

Place Team Racer 1 Racer 2
1 Wild Hogs Scott McLaughlin Ben Lund
2 Hair Pie Tim Streleki Ty Kurth
3 3 ankled pony Lou Kuhn Greg Campbell
4 T-squared Tom Driver Todd Wendell
5 MOX Troy Crady Kevin Richardson
6 Capt'n & CrossBø Jason Knauff Bryant McWhorter
7 We Started This Shit Joe Doyle Greg Heck
8 It's understood that Chicago sells Crossification Jeff Holland PJ Cavato
9 Let's Try This Again.... Mike Kerr Steele Bokhof
10 VeloChannel Peter Rolewicz Tony Bustamante
11 Uncle SRAM John Paul McCarthy Christopher Zigmont
12 Flatlandia John Kurtz Jason Wagner
13 Hells Bells Eric Drummer Chris Berthold
14 S-R-A-M-A-N-O Fatory Squad Matt Henderson Ed Gross
15 Frites with Mayonnaise Tom Wallace Jan Van Mieghem
16 Gin and Tonic Mark Payares Dominic Casey
17 van der Poel Position Brandon Conine Brett O'Bourke
18 JESI Adam Raychel Christopher Raychel
19 From Beirut To Jerusalem John Bucksbaum Walid Abu-Ghazaleh
20 You're In! Johnathan Crawford Kevin Reed
21 MSB CAMBr Squatches Adam Andriano Michael Angus
22 team kate michael lavery dereck augustynowicz
23 Corbett's david adams george Lambros
24 Anomia Andrew Stover Jason White
25 Beer Please RICK BAISA Rob Clark
26 Cross Toads Sean Daw Andrew Graham
27 The L+H Challengers Nathan Snydacker Joe Connell
28 Sciatica Racing Team Bartek Zurawski Andrzej Nowakowski
29 Manic Gristle Kevin Mallory John Mitchell
30 Rad Republic Dwayne Richmond Patrick Jenkins
31 Team Metempsychosis Edward Reed Terry McIntyre
32 Tville Tornadoes Alfred Bryant Craig Bryant
33 Are we there yet? Elmantas Rimsa Ryan Cooper
34 ChicagoClydes Jon Mejdrich William McDade
35 oNION bAnDiTs Timothy Tanner Justin Royster
36 Full Acres Charlie Saxe Jeff McDowell
DNS Chross of Gold Charles Goldman Chris McAuliffe
DNS Ratty and Able Seth Gable Brett Ratner
DNF Respeta Las Mujeres - Órale Satanas Paolo Urizar Tiber Scheer
DNF Is this the Chicago Tri? Carson Boneck Riley Sheehan
DNF ANZAC Roger Knight Darryn Faulkner