xXx Racing Relay Cross

Coed Open Relay Results

Last updated: 08/25/2019 at 05:48 PM

Place Team Racer 1 Racer 2
1 Prancing Ponies Courtney Reed Tanner Rory Jack
2 Cyclocause Chad Hartley Lauren Harkness
3 T & Biscuits Thomas Kehrer Lauren Wiscomb
4 Clever Team Name Allison Zmuda Robert Bigelow-Rubin
5 The eCXecutives Haley Engle Adam Overberg
6 Chunky Monkeys Joseph Johns Taylor Finn
7 Ten Squid Hero Lindsay Knight David Reyes
8 Jim/Jym Rats lauren wissman glenn rischke
9 What's YOUR Nickname? Jeannie Kuhajek Warrick Spence
10 Propinas Meesa Maeng Justin Royster
11 April Showers Bring May Flowers Michael Patton May Tsupros
12 The Tortoise and The Hair Jim Maddock Lauren Jacobs
13 #willsdynasty heads west Rachel Wills Kyle Wills
14 Wout Van Aert Thou Annicka Campbell-Dollaghan Jef Mayer
15 Maude Squad Bobby Kaufman Liz Mckinley
16 Wasabi Ranch Rawny Semba Mary Randall
17 Single Speed Supreme Pizza Party Aaron Smith Jen Groen
18 Carrying my dad Lydia Elbert Eric Elbert
19 BB Rated Alfred Bryant Olivia Beaty
20 I'm Sorry! :( Dominic Lopez Jasmin Welter
21 Geed Gina Johnson Reed Klaeser
22 But George, Coed Means Boy/Girl Paul Shwinnand SRAMcesca swinand
23 self-deprecation to the point everyone is mildly uncomfortable Kayci Sterzer Dan Schaumann
24 Space Cats! Jeremy Bloyd-Peshkin Lisa Hilleren
25 HOT MESS Lincoln Scheer Sadie Scheer
26 Bring the Gator Back Carrie Schoeneberger Christopher Demetriou
27 Fear Inoculum Ashley Cova Brad Mitchell
28 Oops. I did it again. Jessica Whiton Bill Barnes
29 INTENTionally Bad Melissa Zammit Kevin Ramos
30 Rene Ain’t **** (sorry Rene) Troy Brown Laura Alagna
31 🍆🍆 Ben Siver Anna Henschel
32 Duck face cycling David Roszkowski Just Gaddy
33 Daughter-in-Law/Father-in-Law Margot Miller Joel Roth
34 Team Skylark Andy Hastings Melissa Hastings
35 Frida & Clark Brandon Gobel Jennifer Aguilar
36 Pull My Finger Leah Sanda Anthony Mikos
37 A little Bird Told Me Mike Tobin Sarah London
38 Malort and Radler Monte Martin Emily Heavey
39 Operation T-Kang PETER KANG Trisha Kurtz
40 The Keepers of The Continuum Transfunctioner Mark Wilson Maria Bengtson
DNS Team Funky Monkey Tracy Dangott Trisha Dangott
DNS Road is Dead Jeff Sanner Ashley Heidenreich
DNS KimBobkabob Kim Heintz Bob Flicek
DNF speed mutants from planet azzip Sage Hahn JAMIE GAVIN-SMYTH