By Kevin O'Neill | Oct 01, 2020

Pactimo Custom Winter Kit Store Closes MONDAY night, Nov. 9th!

Teammates, please remember that the Pactimo Winter Kit Store closes Monday night, November 9th. (Technically, the store closes early Tuesday morning so do NOT wait until Tuesday to order.) Please also remember that we have a 30% discount code for Pactimo’s retail online store for non-custom apparel and accessories (i.e. This discount code does NOT apply to our custom winter kit store.).

Go to the team forum for the details on how to place your order in the Pactimo Custom Winter Team Kit store. There is also a separate forum post on using the team’s discount code for ordering non-custom apparel and accessories from Pactimo’s retail online store.

Pactimo 2020 Winter Gear Store:

Pactimo discounts on non-custom store purchases:
The team has been given a 30% discount code for purchasing clothing items from Pactimo's regular store (i.e. not our custom team store). Please use the discount code provided in the forum post because it will allow us to track our total spend between custom and retail products, which will then allow Pactimo to realize how much we're spending (and why they should keep sponsoring us)! Please note that this discount code is NOT valid during Pactimo's sales (e.g. like their upcoming Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales period). Discounts during those sales typically range from 40-70%, BUT you do run the risk of items you may want selling out quickly when they go on sale.