By Kevin O'Neill | Sep 30, 2021

Team Photo is Saturday, October 16th!

Our annual team photo is Saturday, October 16th, on The 606 Trail (aka Bloomingdale Trail) at Damen Avenue! We'll take a full team photo and separate photos of the women's team, Junior Development Program riders, and our 2021 Illinois State Champions. Please be at the photo site at 8AM SHARP!

RSVP required for Team Photo!

  • Meeting location: The 606 Trail (aka Bloomingdale Trail) at Damen Avenue. Enter The 606 Trail from Damen Avenue at 1800 N Damen Avenue and go to the plaza with the sculpture above Damen Avenue.
  • Time: Please arrive at the photo site 8am SHARP. We'll get everyone arranged in place for the full team photo.
  • Note: Please BE ON TIME so we can get everyone in place. Every time another person shows up late we have to rearrange the group to fit the late arrival(s). The photo taking process starts at 8am, and we need everyone to be there at the start of this process in order for things to work efficiently.
  • Photos: We'll take a 1) full team photo and then separate photos of the 2) 2021 Illinois State Champions, 3) Junior Development Program riders, and our 4) women's team.
  • Clothing: Please wear CURRENT 2020/2021 TEAM KIT including jersey AND shorts (or skinsuit/Flytesuit). If you do NOT have current team kit, please just wear plain, black shorts and let us know so we can have our teammates bring an extra team jersey for you to wear.
  • Footwear: Please wear/bring cycling shoes (even if you are arriving by car and not riding) and wear appropriate cycling socks (preferably team socks if you have them).
  • Team Ride: We will have a no-drop team ride north to Highland Park (47 miles roundtrip) at the completion of the team photo on the regular Saturday team ride route.