By Kevin O'Neill | Nov 28, 2019

Big team discounts currently available from our partners Rudy Project and Pactimo!

Rudy Project

Our standard discount from team sponsor Rudy Project has been temporarily boosted to 40%! Some have been asking which helmet and sunglasses are our “team” preferred models.

Head to the team forum for instructions on how to get 40% off through our team discount code. You can share this discount code with friends and family, but you CANNOT share the code on social media. If you are NOT a current team member, but would like access to our Rudy Project team discount please just send us a message.

For Helmets, the vast majority who tried on the available Rudy Project helmets in early fall preferred the fit and feel of the Spectrum helmet. It comes in THREE sizes which really helps everyone find an individual fit. The team color helmet is White-Black matte.

Link to Rudy Project Spectrum Helmet

For sunglasses, we’ve had great success with the Defender. It’s light weight and has great coverage. It’s also available with photochromic (color changing) lenses. The team color last year was a shiny Gold, this year it’s Bronze Matte.

Link to Rudy Project Defender Sunglasses

Rudy Project's lens technology is really impressive. Rudy Project's Photochromic lenses give you the opportunity to have one lens for all light conditions as the lenses automatically transition from clear to dark (or anywhere in between) within seconds depending how dark or bright your surroundings are. Additionally, their lenses with ImpactX-2 technology are guaranteed unbreakable for life. Our discount is good on replacement lenses, so if the glasses you want do not come standard with photochromic ImpactX-2 lenses you can buy an extra photochromic lens with our 40% discount.

Pactimo Cycling Clothing

Likewise, Pactimo is currently having a Black Friday sale between now and December 6th. Our usual discount code is not valid during Pactimo's current Black Friday sales period, but Pactimo's discounts during their current sale range from 40-70%. Lots of good deals to be had between now and December 6th! Check out the schedule here: