By Luke Seemann | Apr 05, 2009

Every year we make a big deal out of the quirky and presitigious Hillsboro-Roubaix road race, and the marching order is always the same: Come home with a brick, the novel trophy given to podium finishers. Frankly, the bricks have been few and far between, but on Saturday we came home with a record four: Jeanette Schrand placed 2nd in the women's 4's, Peter Strittmatter placed 3rd in the 3's, rookie Ryan Fay took 3rd in the 5's and young Samuel Bianchi, proudly riding Hed wheels, rode to 2nd in the juniors U15. In addition, Dave Moyer and Kyle Wiberg didn't earn bricks but they finished an outstanding 4-5 in the 4's. Each of these results, of course, required extensive team efforts that don't show up in the results tables, and we congratulate all our teammates who took part in this historic day for the team.