By Kevin O'Neill | Oct 21, 2019

November Team Meeting at SRAM Headquarters, Nov. 4th

Updated October 21, 2019: As a thank you for xXx Racing's fundraising efforts last year for World Bike Relief, SRAM and World Bicycle Relief have invited us to host our November team meeting at SRAM's world headquarters in the Fulton Market neighborhood on Monday, November 4th. Food and drinks will be provided. You absolutely **MUST** submit an RSVP through our team event board to attend this meeting, or you will not be allowed into the SRAM building. The building security in the lobby of SRAM's offices will be checking your name from the RSVP list to allow you entry into the building. Juniors and junior parents, please make sure that you provide us with the junior's name(s) and parent name(s) that will be attending the meeting. You can add names in the "Comment" dialogue box when you submit your RSVP. A tour of the SRAM headquarters will begin at 6:30pm. A few of us have done this tour before. Trust us, it is really cool, and you won't want to miss it. They have a bike path that goes throughout their whole office, and a video arcade console where you can play video games using Etap shifters as the controller! Our team meeting will begin at 7:00pm.

Click link to RSVP for the XXX Racing Event Board for the November team meeting and tour at SRAM.

World Bicycle Relief is a Chicago-based non-profit that specializes in large-scale, comprehensive bicycle distribution programs to aid poverty relief in developing countries around the world. In 2018, as part of World Bicycle Relief's "One Day 100 Bicycles" fundraising campaign, our XXX Racing teammates came together to help raise just over $18,500 (in large part because of the fundraising efforts of Michael Kirby and Brad Erickson), enough to fund 126! heavy-duty Buffalo Bikes for those in need in rural Africa. These bikes are used to help students get to school, to help people to start and operate small businesses, and to help health care providers to cover larger areas and visit more patients. The World Bicycle Relief website has a wealth of information about their model, their bicycles, and the impacts their program has had on people across the world; we encourage you to explore it to learn more.

TED Talk by World Bicycle Relief Co-founder, FK Day: