By Luke Seemann | Oct 10, 2008

What a year! It started in January, when dozens of us would gather at an AthletiCo facility on Sunday mornings and ride our CycleOps trainers together. In March you could find us huddling around a computer in San Luis Obispo, Calif., comparing our power outputs from that day's ride up the feared Black Mountain. And ever since, Saris racks have helped us get to races, CycleOps trainers have helped us warm up for them, and CycleOps power meters have ensured we make the most of our training. Indeed, as we admire our 2008 results -- 55 wins and counting! -- it's remarkable how many of our athletes have counted on Saris products to get them across the finish line first. So thank you, Saris, for being one of our most vital team members this season.