By Shane Winn | Feb 20, 2008

XXX Racing-AthletiCo today announced the creation of its Elite Development Program to build an elite-level amateur team for both road and track, to improve rider retention and to focus more resources on developing riders from within. The team today also announced the riders selected to its inaugural Elite Development program. "We want the team to dedicate more of its time and resources on development and retention of riders, and to reinforce that our focus is on racing,” said team president Bob Willems. “This new program will help the team sharply focus our efforts on developing riders and encouraging them to stay with the team as they become stronger and faster.” The team will consist of both current Category 1 and 2 team members and riders in the Category 3 and 4 ranks. Cat 1/2 riders are expected to take on the additional responsibility of mentoring individual development riders. Financial support will be provided to Elite and Development (Cat 3 and 4) riders, along with coaching services and special training sessions designed for the riders. Male and female senior and junior level cyclists are eligible to join the program. Cyclists must have been members of the team at least one year prior to being selected and must agree to participation in all elements of the program in order to remain eligible to receive support. Development members also must show progress towards and results in upgrading their category in their specified discipline. One of the programs goals is to triple within four years the number of riders who hold a Cat 2 or higher USA Cycling license in either track or the road. 2008 XXX Racing-AthletiCo Elite Development Program selections Newt Cole Tamara Fraser Michael Kirby Matt Moran Luke Seemann John Tomlinson (racing age 16) Mark Watkins Current XXX Racing-AthletiCo Elite team members Ed Amstutz George Langford Randy Warren Shane Winn Greta Neimanas (member, USA Paralympic team)