By Luke Seemann | Mar 12, 2012

Saturday wrapped up another successful spring training camp in San Luis Obispo, Calif., where hundreds of miles of riding and tens of thousands of feet of climbing will surely prime us for the slight elevation of the Lincoln Park Criterium. This year was made special by the presence of two juniors, Kyle Mindick and Ben O'Malley, who rode like kings, and we also enjoyed the company and help of Get a Grip Cycles mechanics Michael Berman and Geoff Scott, who provided support and kept us rolling smoothly all week. And speaking of rolling smoothly, many of us carved the descents on Psimet Custom Wheels. Biggest thanks of all, however, goes to our coach, Randy Warren, who after leading us through his favorite climbs in SLO now heads to Italy to lead a team time trial camp. The rest of us are recovering in Chicago, eager for the imminent road season.