Anne-Marie Oswald

Team Leader

Member Since: 2021

Location: Chicago, IL


Road Track CX MTB
4 0 2 0

About Me

I love riding. If it has two wheels and a challenge, I will give it a go. I race on the road, on gravel and cyclocross. I’m a climber, so moving to the flatlands of Illinois has been a challenge. But I am looking to develop other skills (like maybe sprinting) and investing more time in training for Cx. If you find me on team ride, I will talk your ear off about any aspect of cycling, just don’t give away details on latest stage of The Tour.

Race Reports

Report Name Race Name Race Date
The Brrrrrrry Roubaix 62 mile Killer Barry Roubaix Sram 62 mile Killer Mar 26, 2022
Be a Rebel Ride Gravel* Sweetwater Whiskey Rebellion Gravel Race May 21, 2022

Race Results

Date Category Race Result
Jun 28, 2022 4/5 Mount Davis Challenge 2
Jun 16, 2022 W-open DR Distillery Gravel Race 3
May 27, 2022 W-open Sweetwater Whiskey Rebellion Gravel Race 1
Mar 31, 2022 40+ Barry Roubaix 62 Mile 6