XXX Racing-Athletico

How to Join

We're thrilled to accept all cyclists who seek to race as a team and improve their individual abilities. Annual dues for 2019 are $125. Note that memberships received after September 1, 2018, are good through the end of 2019.

Key benefits of joining:

  • Group coaching services
  • Sponsor support and discounts
  • Ability to buy and race in current uniform
  • Camaraderie with some of Chicago’s best and most interesting cyclists

Coaching includes:

  • Goal setting workshop
  • Season planning workshop
  • Spring training camp in San Luis Obispo, CA (fees apply)
  • Women's team training camp (fees apply)
  • Cyclocross clinic
  • Sprint practices
  • Track clinic
  • Road racing tactics clinic

Before joining, please read our current membership packet.

New memberships can be submitted online.

If you prefer not submit your membership online you may print out the membership forms, which can be submitted at any team meeting, or they can be mailed to:

XXX Racing-AthletiCo
PO Box 57385
Chicago, IL 60657

Further questions can be directed to our membership director, Ryan Fay.

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XXX Racing-Athletico | PO Box 57385 | Chicago, IL 60657