Week #1 at the Washington Park Velodrome in Kenosha. I debated if I should even come down, but here I am. The first race was a Miss & Out race, I typically do terrible in these. Somehow today I managed to avoid getting called out! I ended up finishing 2nd of 7! The second race was a simple Scratch race. The pace for most of it was pretty tame. With 3 to go I was in the back, where I didn't want to be. The guy in front of me ramped up and moved up, I followed him. That kicked the pace up. I managed to get 3rd of 7. They called the last race off because it started to rain, that didn't hurt anyone's feelings because it was cold too. So only 2 races tonight, but I was in the money for both races, which exceeded my wildest expectations! The grand total of $14 😁 Considering I am unemployed, does this make me a pro racer? 🀣 Week #2 at the Washington Park Velodrome in Kenosha. First day on the job, and a much shorter drive down here today. It's warm this week! 😁 The first race was a Danish Win & Out. I really screwed up on this one. I picked out who I thought was most likely to win and I tried to follow his wheel, and couldn't do it. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ Too much effort too early, then I couldn't beat anyone. πŸ™„ Last 4/4* The second race was a Snowball race. I figured that I'd go for the first point, and that's what I did. That was my only point, and that was good enough for second. Finished 2/4* The third race was a simple Scratch race. They combined the 4's & 5's for this one. I was really focusing on staying in the middle-ish for this one and trying to save everything for the end. About halfway through the race I found myself on the same wheel that I tried to follow in the first race. πŸ˜‰ He started to wind it up with 3 to go, yeah, I tried it again! 🀣 However, this time I held that wheel, and it was nothing short of a heroic effort to do so! I did try to pass him on the final lap, and was gaining on him in the final stretch, but it just wasn't enough. Still, I was pretty happy with second after that effort. But the story doesn't end here, as it turns out due to an error, the person ahead of me was in the wrong category, and was removed from the official results, so the win (and the prime) went to me! Finally a victory! Still, I would have rather gotten it outright, but a win is a win they say! 😁 Finished 1/10*