This was my first race of the season and the much hyped Hillsboro-Roubaix lived up to its reputation, even for the single lap of the 5s race. It was pretty chilly to start, but once the rolling start got underway, the chill faded quickly. The first couple climbs came and went without incident, unfortunately I'd started at the back of the pack, but they allowed me to move up to about half way. On the 3rd climb, I got held up by slow climbers and the very narrow roads with the center line rule in effect created a small gap, but I was able to get back on quickly. Might have been the second climb after that, a rider drops his chain which forces me to almost come to a stop on the hill. Unlucky. The gap that formed there was too much to overcome and that would be the last time I'd be part of the pack. It was a lonely ride with nasty wind for several miles until I caught up with teammate Erik Didriksen and we worked together until close to the end. A group of 6 or 7 riders caught us just before the feed zone hill, a group we'd seen coming and worked to keep at bay. Erik drove the pace nicely to the start of the feed zone climb and I attacked the hill. 3 riders jumped and came with me. About halfway up the following and final long narrow climb before the cobbles, I started to fade and could do nothing as those that had followed me attacked and rode past. As I came screaming down the hill and on to the cobbles, I was making up ground on the riders in front, but there was not enough time to close the gap as I crossed the finish line 18th with no one around me. All in all it was a great race and a lot was learned. Should have started at the front for starters, and probably should have conserved energy and let the group catch the 2 of us much earlier. Lessons learned. The race was very well organized and a lot of fun. I will be looking forward to it next year, and doing more than just one lap.