This was the first time for me to do this race, and second road race ever so was excited for it. Me, Mike Baldus and Ben LaForce drove down that morning and for once made it with more than ten minutes before registration closed/race started so that helped not feeling rushed. Race started off smooth, I was next to Mike for the beginning with Aaron and Brian close to the front along with some other of our teammates. There were some familiar faces in the race, Tuxedo Thunder guys, Half Acre and a few others who I had raced with before so confident in the group. Everyone seemed to hold their lines well, never experiencing any close calls for the most part. Someone's wheel exploded at one point going up a hill, not sure what happened but when we rode by him his spokes were everywhere. By about mile 15 I was toward the back too much so starting to feel the affects of the yo-yoing when people ahead would slow for the corners so made moves to get back closer ahead. Was with the group all the way until about mile 35, where the pack starting picking up chasing the solo rider out in front. we dropped quite a few riders, Aaron, Brian and Mike doing work in the front. I again made the mistake of drifting back too far to the end and by mile 45 couldn't hang on any more so dropped. Overall was happy with the race, the team did great. Aaron getting 4th, Mike and Brian doing work in the front and I learned a lot in regards to positioning and my fitness. If you aren't going passing people you're getting passed which was definitely true in this case. Looking forward to next year.