Dear Scarlett,

We only met a few days ago, and only got to spend some real quality time together for the first time this morning, a quick stroll around the block a few times, but after our performance at Monsters of the Midway, I already feel we have a winning relationship on our hands. We just seem so in-sync. When we dance around the crit course, I feel as if we are not two, but one. I feel confident leaning left, as I know you'll dive into the corner on just the line I picked for us, and you'll remain steady throughout. It's as if you anticipate my every move. And when I stand to mash the pedals, I feel you roar to life below me as my heart races.

In the cat 4/5 race, we worked together to maneuver around two crashes. Your snappy response was key. We managed to say near the front, and when I decided it was time to attack into the wind on the second-to-last lap heading into turn 3, you were quick to oblige as we provided a lead-out for Brian and Kevin, sling-shotting the former into position for a top-five finish. I feel bad that I didn't have the energy to keep going, but we did our job, and you were there when I needed you.

In the cat 5 race, I didn't really feel ready for a 2nd round so quickly; usually I need a good 30 minutes to recoup, but we didn't have much of a choice. The pace was fairly steady for the first half of the race, and it gave us time to get back into our groove. Once again, we stayed near the front, and as we came into the start/finish to start the second-to-last lap, I had a mental lapse and thought I heard the bell for the last lap, though I missed the lap counter (turns out it was a cowbell in the crowd). You didn't question me as I maneuvered us toward the front, nor again when I ramped up the pace coming out of turn 4 in first position, only to see the lap counter showing 1 lap left and hear the real bell ringing. Alas, I was once again out of gas, and we cruised to a back-of-the-back finish.

I promise I'll make better decisions in the future, as long as you continue to respond with the same snap and nimbleness I have so quickly come to love. If we both hold up our end of the bargain, I have no doubt we will soon climb atop the podium.