Juniors: The rise and fall of the Is-corp empire

This past Saturday i raced in the Spring Super Crit, along with most of the other juniors on the team. Weeks before the race, Ben O'Malley had been going over tactics for the race. I thought we should take advantage of the long straight and our superior numbers to launch Kyle (short Kyle) to a sprint victory. He thought i should attack from the gun, and make it look like a joke (Only an idiot would attack so early). Being said idiot, i decided "why not" and in the first corner, flew off the front. The first thoughts that ran through my head were "don't look back, Jens Voight always says never look back", and "no way i can hold this off". the evil Empire, or is corp, started a chase, but Ben and Kyle (only half acting) loudly pointed out that I'm an idiot who does this all the time, and that id soon get brought back. by the second lap it was clear the only problem id have would be looking cool coming across the finish line in first. with a 90 second advantage, and Ben Sam and Kyle blocking what was left of a shattered pack, i easily won the juniors race, while Ben came in second.

Cat 4's: the empire strikes back

The fours race started out normally enough, with a few bumps and a few jokers, but quickly descended into utter chaos. The race soon became about survival. at the end of the race, i rolled across the line somewhere around mid-pack, happy to have finished without crashing. i felt liked i had survived 45 minutes of Russian roulette.