I write this report with a heavy heart, in the aftermath of a race filled with hopes, dreams, extraordinary teamwork, fierce efforts, love, strategy, tireless support and selflessness. It all started with a little dream of a Polonaise Championship, seeded by the MDP. I couldn’t pass this up but it would mean I had to race in the women’s open, my only prior experience in that field was getting dropped within the first two laps, so I knew I needed my teammates. I was amazed how quickly the xXx ladies jumped on the opportunity to help me, they really really like me. None of us knew what we were getting ourselves into since nobody pre registered, so it was tough to figure out what to do and how best to keep me from dying. We did the 3/4s race in the morning to feel out the group, try things out, and for me to learn to do minimal work while fully leaning on my teammates. The girls kicked butt we got 1st and 2nd on the podium (GREAT SUCCESS!) and I honed in my new slacker skills and managed to do no work and get paid for it. So far so good.

The women’s open was at 12:30pm, the temperatures rose (I think it was close to a 100 degrees), the competition trickled in, and friends/family came out to cheer and support. I was getting more and more anxious. The loooooonnnng (50min) of racing began right as the temperature was extra toasty. If I had to summarize the race in one sentence I would say: I HAVE THE BEST TEAM. Sue, Courtney, Katie and Erika worked hard, awfully hard. Attacking, working the front, blocking, pulling me, coaching and instructing me, checking in on me, truly taking care of me. Anytime I needed a wheel one of my teammates was always right there and ready to help. As a result I was able to stay in the front of the group and race with the big girls, which was pretty amazing.

Things were looking good and I was feeling good, then there was the last corner. I jumped on a team wheel and we approached the turn, things happened quickly, the wheel was lost, lines were crossed. I was squeezed out into a positions with two choices: the curb or brakes. The good thing is, nobody crashed. The heartbreaking thing is, despite everybody’s hard work we did not accomplish our goals. It’s tough to lose, but it’s tougher to lose as a team. I was angry, disappointed, and wishing that I could have done things differently, that I could have done better for my team.

As tough as the end result has been to digest, it does not take away from the fact that we have a phenomenal squad of female racers. We are a team and we race like one. #winninginlife