With the first race of the season out of the way (the 30+ race), it was fun to double up and do the Men's 4/5. It turned into a perfect example an of early season 4/5 race.

The first two to three laps were absolutely pedestrian, and I am not sure we broke 20 mph during this time. Inevitably this kind of pace leads to much impatience in the bunch, and after about 14 minutes of riding one could sense that things might be happening soon. Sure enough a Mack rider telegraphed his move on the outside, and I was all over his wheel with a few others. In these 4/5 mixed fields one move is often all it takes, and this was it. We were away within one lap, and soon down to four from six.

We all took turns to keep the bunch away. The stretch after turn one was downhill, and about halfway down the slope I saw two of the guys sit up and take a drink. I hesitated for a moment, and then realized that I missed a grand opportunity for an attack. The chance was gone as soon as it appeared, and we rolled on. In exactly the same place on the last lap, one of the guys again took a drink. This time I gave it horns and hit it, but after the earlier race I did not quite have the legs to hang on for half the circuit---especially considering there was a cross wind and head wind remaining. I ended up on the front as we climbed the rise to the finishing straight. I tried to keep the pace high and take a bit more out of them, but with about 200 m to go the race was on, and I just did not have the explosiveness required to stay on their wheels.

So I was last in the break, but was happy I attempted the attack earlier and gave it a try. My ever so short hesitation as the two guys were drinking helps drive home the fact that one cannot wait to make decisions like that. You must react immediately when you see the door open, as it tends to close just as quickly.

Well done to Matt and Mike in their first and second races, respectively. The stayed with the chasing bunch and finished near the front of it----no small feat for a first 4/5 race! Best of luck to them next week and here's to hoping the weather is much better!