Jin Choi

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Road Track CX MTB
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About Me

First time I rode a bike for more than a couple of miles in my life was in 2013 with a friend of mine who was... let's say not-so-fit. In 2004, I tore my patellar tendon and had my lovely daughter, which was the perfect combination of events to put everything down and go on a long journey of sedentary life.

Fast forward to 2013 riding my Schwinn city cruiser with an unfit friend who made Andrew Zimmerman look like the Rock (who was also riding a mongoose mountain bike from Walmart), I was gasping for air with my legs burning, unable to keep up. He waited for me every half-mile or so because I would lose sight of him.

That hurt my pride. I mean that HURT and awakened the competitive spirit, whatever the little I have, in me.

From that day on, I've been riding.

I'm still slow, still weak, still gasp for air and lose sight of people that I ride with but I take comfort in that those that I ride with are some of the strongest riders in the city or at least striving to be one of them. I feel great that I love the sport so much that I enjoy the fact that I can embrace my weakness, watch others, learn and get motivated.

Not the biggest fan of racing crits, mostly due to my inability to cope with the pain associated with riding 30 minutes at 1592% or with the type of luck that keeps my rubber side up but I'm aiming to focus on doing more road races.

All in all, it's more important for me to get out and have fun. Whether it's enjoying the weather, the company, pain or simply doing my mind and body a favor, riding my bike does that for me and I will continue to have loads of fun on it.

Race Reports

Report Name Race Name Race Date
That usual story; Different version Monsters of the Midway Cat 5 May 11, 2014

Race Results

Date Category Race Result
May 12, 2014 5 Monsters of the Midway 7
Apr 26, 2014 5 Hillsboro Roubaix 2014 31-40
Apr 13, 2014 4/5 2014 Alderman James Cappleman’s 46th Ward Criterium 41-50
Apr 13, 2014 5 2014 Alderman James Cappleman’s 46th Ward Criterium 41-50
Apr 3, 2014 5 Gapers Block Crits 10
Apr 1, 2014 5 Gapers Block Crits 21-30