Day #2 Tour of Francis Park, this was a Rectangle 4 Corners As Well, with a Long and Very Fun down hill, 1 Hill and False Flat, on the Start /Finish Line, you had to climb up to Turn 1 a Small Hill, Making your way to turn 2 where you pick up the Speed Real Fast Going Down Hill, Keep in Mind when i was Racing it was Pouring rain i had to be careful of the Paint to not Slip! getting to turn 3 you would have to go up a short uphill, getting to turn 4 Coming up fast to the climb after awhile i was getting a little cold from the rain and wind but the more power you put the warmer you get on the bike. also Secured another Win!

Day #3 Giro Della Montagna 'THE HILL' Personally this was my best and favorite race of my Road Season. the Hill was your regular 4 corner rectangle, it was not raining during my race very sunny and hot but during 3/4s it was pouring sucks for the guys but Start/Finish Line going up to 1st turn and second i had to pick up my speed coming out of turn 1 right away setting the pace for the hill. out of turn 2 there was a little down hill, coming right up to the actual turn, going up i had a really good pace and momentum going up i would only get stuck for a couple seconds on turn 3 but setting my momentum back up for 4th turn which is a really long down hill, i loved this race it was so much fun because it was different, never raced going uphill and downhill going real fast! It's really fun I recommend it Also Secured Another win!

Day #4 Benton Park Classic a Large and technical Course 10 corner Course! with a Semi- Long uphill during my race it was a little rainy, just a little rain caused a big crashed in my field, this race was also my best with a great strong Sprint at the end for me, i loved being able to race and also see the famous Big Bitch! that was probably the coolest part, this was only really technical speed, Also secured a Win. From my Experience in gateway I learned a lot of new Things from on and of the bike new things that i will adapt to the upcoming season!

A Special Thank you to Sonia and Hernando For taking me out there and supporting me during this Process the endless coaching from both of them that helped me thru the Way! also a Special thank you to Melisa and Spencer (The Big Bitch Creator) for the endless giggles and Laughs PLUS the Amazing Company and support they gave me! Special Thanks to STKD Racing Squad For keeping me under there tent and Making me feel Accepted! Special Thanks to the xXx Teamies for the endless Advice they gave me! thank you i appreciate you all <3

(this is also my first race report LOL)