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Green Mountain Stage Race, here we come

By Liam Donoghue | Sep 02, 2010

Five members of the Elite Team made the trip to Burlington, Vt., this week for the Green Mountain Stage Race. Follow along here with daily race reports as the group describes its travails (and hopefully triumphs) in a four-day Cat 2 stage race on the East Coast. Be sure to wish Tom Briney, Liam Donoghue, Dave Moyer, Luke Seemann and Peter Strittmatter good luck. And special thanks to soigneur extraordinaire Andrea Briney for making the trek to help these guys feel "pro." Friday: Time trial. Top GC position: Liam in 5th. Saturday: Circuit race. Top stage position: Dave in 22nd. Top GC position: Liam in 5th. Sunday: Road race. Top stage position: Dave in 8th. Top GC position: Dave in 5th. Monday: Criterium. Best stage position: Peter in 7th. Best GC position: Dave in for 5th.
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