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Relay Cross 2016! August 28

Since 2010 this event has been a popular and fun way to kick off the cyclocross season. After a Le Mans start, teams of two riders alternate laps on a traditional cyclocross course. At the end of each lap, riders high-five their waiting partners, who leap into action to contest the next lap. Fields are available for men, women and juniors as well as the popular co-ed category. Want to see what Relay CX looks like? Check out this great video from Rachael Gatto.

New for 2016 will be a lottery race! For this field, individuals participating will be randomly paired with their teammate. That’s right, call-ups will now have a new “meet your partner” meaning. Relay Cross has always been about providing a fun kickoff event to the Chicagoland CX calendar and we’re excited to continue the tradition by adding this field.

Mark your calendars and follow us on Twitter, where we’ll announce the opening of registration. The 2016 version will take place Sunday, August 28 and the Co-Ed fields in particular always fill quickly (last year Co-Ed filled in 48 hours!).

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