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Sorry Bro, Nothin Personal

By Newt Cole | Jul 15, 2008

Race name: Olympia Fields
Race date:Sunday, Jul 13, 2008

As you all have read in the multitude of reports on this Race, this course was a ticket to sketchville, nothing like a 20 mph tailwind, downhill into a dirt covered off cambered 100 degree corner…Oh Yeah !!!
      The Day Before at Blue Island I took 3rd, I should have won, I was in perfect position, I screwed up the Sprint by leaving too Late…in other words I blew all the work my xXx team mates did for me…so Olympia Fields was Racing Karma Pay Back Time…

Fast Forward….

    I watched Brian, Jonathon and another rider jump off the Front and smiled to myself thinking…Time to put team tactics in full effect..

They got about a 300 meter gap and Riders began getting nervous and started launching attacks I would jump and chase and sit second wheel let them pull 32 down the windy side and 28 into the wind, watch their arm wave and I’d say…“Sorry Bro, nothin personal, Those are my boys up there” then the mph’s would come down to 17…This went on over a dozen times…It was a hella intense jump/interval workout..haha…I was thinking that it must have looked funny that everytime we came thru the Start/Finish I was sitting second wheel apologizing to the poor sap in front of me….
      This went on until the sign said… 3 laps to go, I was feeling a bit trashed but happy because I knew my Job was done, Brian and Jonathon were going to stay away !! ....At this point everyone around me is thinking about the field sprint for 4th place and stopped the surges…this gave me some time to recover…LAST LAP….I’m sitting 4th wheel…Voytek is upfront and Jumps, the riders in front of me let him have a Gap and I Jump, I have to come around those 2 riders and Fly into the Infamous Creepy Right 100 degree right hander, I was closing fast but…I had two choices…try my luck at +30 and maybe take 4th place or….take the corner at a reasonable tried and true 26ish for 5th ...I chose staying safe and never got the ol wiley Silver Fox from WDT

  That Race was seriously a Blast….


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