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7 races in 6 days for the new guy

By Michael Young | Mar 30, 2009

Race name: Kevin's Crits + Burnham Super Spring Criterium
Race date:Saturday, Mar 28, 2009

I should start by saying Im totally freaking hooked on racing bicycles and I plan to make it to the track and CX as well.

I raced my first Criterium on the 23rd in Calumet Park.  I hope Half Acre is able to do it again.  This report is a combination of the 4 races at Kevin’s Crits (skipped Thursday) and 3 races at Burnham.

Monday was for me to feel things out and learn how it all went down.  Doing it at Kevin’s Crits was a good starting point cause the pace was mellow and most folks were laid back and happy to answer questions, even during the race.

2 Matthews, Alberto Segura, Bill Seliger and his daughter Victoria were at this race and the company of teammates was very comforting.  Thanks to Alberto for loaning me a jersey that I have now used 7 times.

I have a few things I need to figure out or stop doing like, what tire pressure to run, using my breaks way too much, not being “overly enthusiastic” the pack, managing my energy better, loosing the draft, holding my position and not wasting energy.  Did I mention I feel like I wasted a lot of energy in the races.  Must find my Zen and just chill out.

I really enjoy loading up and passing a bunch of people in the sprints right at the end of the races but I feel like some other guys must not be trying that hard.  More so at Kevin’s Crits but also at Burnham.  In my mind you should be totally spent as you cross the finish line.

I finshed about 7th or 8th on Wednesday which was a big confidence booster.  In this race one of the dudes in striped socks was yelling at me to “Learn how to ride a F$*&ing; bike.”  I wasted a bung of energy letting that getting me upset and responding to him.

At the end of one the Kevin’s Crits Matt swung out and yelled for me, I grabbed on to his wheel and he towed me from about 22nd to finish 10th.  That was awesome and Ill be sure to pay the favor back.

Burnham was a blast.  Rode down with Bill Seliger who is a bad mambo jambo for crashing hard Friday night and racing Saturday.  3 races on 5 hours of sleep after racing the night before proved to be a little much for my body and I had nothing left for the sprint at the end of my last race.  Racing at Blackhawk was interesting as I had been on this track before, but my “bicycle” at that time was a Honda CBR929.  Very different experience.

It was great to see Dave, Mike, Randy, Luke and others do so well.  It was awesome chasing down and passing some dude in the Cat5 with Matt Dawley even though he wanted to pretend he beet Matt and I (whatever).

Il be entering every single race I can possibly make it to.

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